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economyAs we have highlighted previously, the Spanish property market showed its first real signs of recovery in the second quarter of 2014 with a 0.97% increase in house prices. A report has predicted that   the glut of unsold properties, will drop to significantly. Therefore we are happy to say that the Costa del Sol is in even better state and whilst we must continue to be cautiously optimistic, the signs are there that prices and demand are rising.

Our property sales partners Viva, recently wrote a really interesting article about why Spain and particularly the Costa del Sol is a great place to buy an overseas property, which we wanted to share for those of you with a property here! Below is a summary –

  1. The Costa del Sol offers more property choice than any other destination in Europe, a good infrastructure and a well-established property buying chain
  2. It’s a highly convenient holiday destination, with fantastic weather, cheap and direct flights and airports close to the action
  3. The properties are competitively priced – the crash was a difficult time for many owners, but it has brought the prices of properties here back in line with other European destinations and made them affordable and stopped people looking to cheaper but less developed destinations, therefore has made the area more attractive to buyers
  4. The lifestyle is fantastic for expat residents and holiday makers, combining Spanish sunshine, culture and food, with a well-established foreign community and lots of providers giving you tastes of home and services in your own language
  5. The Spanish sunshine is fantastic and makes life so much better, no matter what’s going on!

Thanks to Viva for reminding us what a great place we own a property in! Costa del Sol property owners can now start to reap the rewards through rentals and start seeing the value of their property increase. Click here to read the full article and speak to the experts at Viva if you do want to sell your Costa del Sol property.

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