Changes to the rules of Spanish ITV (MOT)

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If you own a car in Spain it will need to pass the Spanish equivalent of the MOT, called ITV.

New cars must have their ITV four years after purchase and then every two years. Cars older than ten years must have their ITV every year. If you haven’t had an ITV before it can be a little daunting, but there are some English-speaking garages which can take care of it for you. Anglo-info has an excellent page all about the ITV with lots of helpful information.

Previously, if a car had failed their ITV and was stopped by the police, it would be immediately towed away. The rules have just changed to give car owners a 10 day grace period to get the problems repaired and to retake the test without being impounded. However, there is still cause for concern as you can be fined 150€ for having a car on the road with an expired ITV, so beware and make sure you take the car for its test with time to spare!

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