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The Secrets of Successful Rentals

home-589068_640If you have a rental property you will know that getting the number of bookings you want over the year is tough. We are often contacted by experienced landlords looking to extend their rental season to benefit from bookings throughout the year. We are also used to helping first time landlords that really don’t know where to start in terms of preparing the property to be rented, marketing it and managing the bookings and visits.

Over the last 14 years of offering property management services on the Costa del Sol we have seen a lot of buy to let investments and expect these to increase over this year as banks start to lend and repossession properties are being sold cheaply and in some cases with 100% mortgages. These investors are normally happy to employ experienced property management companies to take care of the rentals and maintenance, as they know that with our support they can sit back and see the money come in, rather than have to stress about the whole process and deal with the demands of the clients.

On the other hand we have also seen more lifestyle investors who want a holiday home for personal use, but do not want it sitting empty for 10 months when they are not using it. Finally there are also those people who no longer use their property but do not want to sell it and so want to see a return on their investment. All these people can benefit from renting their properties out, either short term to holiday makers or long term to residents.

Short term rentals are good for people who still wish to use their property, but are not tied to the peak school holiday times, so can enjoy the high returns of renting over this period and still use the property. You get a high weekly rental rate for these bookings, but there is also a lot of work involved with servicing their needs.

Long term rentals are a better choice for those people who want to earn a steady income through the year and not have to do too much for their money. Long term tenants only bother you if there are issues with the property and you can hear nothing from them for months on end, but still enjoy their monthly rent payment!

Whichever type of rental you choose there are a few key secrets to renting out your property successfully –

  1. Invest in marketing – Your property needs to be easy to find for potential tenants online and offline so you need to aim for maximum exposure and the widest reach possible.
  2. Think carefully about your target market and prepare your property accordingly – If you have a family friendly property, then spend some time and money on setting the place up for their needs. A high-chair, travel cot and some baby bits and bobs are so helpful for a family and are a real selling point, as well as attracting loyal, repeat bookings.
  3. Ensure your property is great all year round – If you want to break out of the seasonal booking trap or rent your property long term you need to think about heating and cooling the property effectively to make it a nice place to be whatever the weather. An open fire is a great selling point, but a wood burner is even better as it’s a brilliant source of heat in the winter. For cooling think about ceiling fans in the bedrooms, they are great for making sleeping more comfortable and don’t require as much electricity as air conditioning. Hot and cold air conditioning units are very useful but expensive, so oil filled radiators are cost effective heating options.
  4. Make it easy for people to book – Ensure that people can book quickly and easily, ideally online so that you can convert an enquirer into a paying customer as quickly as possible.
  5. Offer support and help before, during and after their stay – It’s essential to be able to respond to questions and help clients get ready for their stay and then have someone on the ground to give keys, deal with any issues during their visit and do an inspection at the end in order to refund their deposit. The better you treat the tenant, the happier they will be, the more recommendations you will get and the more repeat bookings you will achieve.

If you want to read more secrets to successful rentals, please download our free guide.

At HomeCareontheWeb we are in a great position to market properties via our holiday rental and long term rental websites and our partnership with Novasol drives traffic to our properties all year round from different countries. As experienced property management professionals, we have cleaners, maintenance staff and a customer service team to support both owners and guests before during and after their stay and leave the owners to simply collect the rental income. If you’d like to find out how we can rent your property please contact us as soon as possible, as the bookings are coming in fast for this spring and summer season.

Guests already starting to book for 2015

headercontentWe are pleased to announce that we’re already receiving bookings for the 2015 season and are expecting another great year for holiday rentals and excellent earnings for owners of homes on the Costa del Sol. Therefore we’re recommending that property owners considering renting for next year, please contact us as soon as possible so we can ensure that your property gets as much exposure and as many bookings as possible.

HomeCareontheWeb has been managing properties on the Costa del Sol for 11 years and we manage more than 500 properties. We have a sister company HolidayRentalontheWeb which is dedicated to offering quality short term rentals to holiday makers and a long term rentals arm, HomeRentalontheWeb. All three companies work in perfect harmony together to maximise rentals for our owners and remove the stress from them, whilst ensuring the tourists and tenants have the best possible experience. In 2014 we have taken care of more than 150 long-term tenants , more than 8,000 holiday guests, carried out more than 3,500 cleans and serviced more than 3,000 maintenance requests. We have the team and the processes in place to allow us to do this with ease and cause minimum disruption to owners and tenants, so you can be sure your property is in good hands.

We handle all advertising, bookings, paperwork, deposits and of course the guests. In addition to our short and long term rental arms, we are also partnered with Europe’s Number One self-catering company Novalsol. This powerful partnership means that your property will be advertised on web sites in 12 different languages, as well as being featured in catalogues and brochures distributed through travel agent networks. Once you have a booking, your rental income is transferred directly to your bank account and if a booking comes through Novasol then it is paid in advance.

We have just produced a guide to our Costa del Sol property management services which you can download from our website and you can learn about our property rental management services and partnership with Novasol online too.

Please don’t leave it too late to get rentals for 2015 – contact us today!

Spanish economy and house prices recovering

growthBack in August Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was optimistic about the recovery of the Spanish economy and on the back of a strong summer for tourism, it seems like his positivity was well founded. “Things are going better than we expected. We are registering healthy and diversified growth which is here to stay,” he said during an annual end of term press conference. “In less than two years we have gone from being an economy on the brink of a bailout to being one of the economies that grows the most in Europe,” he added. “We are going in the right direction, but we are conscious that there is still much to do and the problems that we must tackle are still numerous.”

It’s great to see positivity about the economy, all be it cautious statements such as these, promoted in the press, as positivity breeds confidence and confidence leads to a more rapid recovery. Another marker of an improving economy is house prices, which all owners who bought in the boom are anxiously watching. According to the Association of Registrars, there was an increase of 0.97% in house prices in the second quarter of 2014, the first in six years. Whilst not a big shift, it’s good news for owners as it shows that things are moving in the right direction and it seems at last that prices are bottoming out. This is also a figure for the whole of the country, we are lucky to be in a region which recovers quicker due to the foreign buyers and tourists pushing up the local economy and house prices, and agents on the Costa del Sol are reporting much better sales, more demand and increasing prices, so watch this space.

In further good news for Andalucia, very positive investments into the local economy can be seen, such as Fujitsu signing an agreement to invest nine million euros over the next two years, including increasing the workforce at the Malaga factory by at least 30%. There are also positive signs a plenty such as Marbella being chosen to host the Michelin Guide presentation and positioning itself as a luxury location on par with Saint Tropez.

All those of us invested in Spain, be it through property, business or living here want it to do well and recover for the long term. It is a wonderful place to live, work and holiday and we look forward to seeing what the rest of 2014 holds.

2014 was our 11th Year in business and we’ve seen a lot of changes as you can imagine. Attitudes of Costa del Property owners towards caring for their property through property management and maximising their investment through short term and long term rentals have changed a lot depending on the economy. We are proud that we’ve been able to generate income through getting rental bookings for our clients and removed the stress by managing those clients for them. This has enabled many clients to hang on to their properties through the bad years so they have not lost money on their investment. We are now seeing renewed interest in buy to let investment properties and look forward to the next phase!

Rumours regarding new laws on property rentals in Spain

new property lawsThere are at present many rumours, inaccuracies, and general gossip regarding a supposed new Law in Spain that will restrict owners from renting their property in an effort for the Spanish government to help support the Hotel industry.

We at HomeCareontheWeb have been renting properties on behalf of our owners for many years and during this time there have been many similar rumours circulating. Some areas of Spain, like Catalonia and Majorca, have already taken measures controlling the rental of properties, and owners have had to apply for licenses, so as to ensure properties are fit for their purpose and also to ensure owners pay their taxes.

It is true that a certain amount of “upset” exists within the tourist industry sector due to the current trend for holidaymakers to choose self-catering over hotel accommodation. This controversy has raged for years and is no doubt debated regularly with different suggestions made as to how the hotel industry can cope. However it is highly doubtful if the government would seek to actually BAN the letting of private houses, as this would be contrary to the Constitution and even the most narrow-minded defender of the hoteliers’ interests could not dream of this being possible.

It’s always prudent to put these rumours into perspective. Spain is going through changing times like the rest of the world, however the majority of its gross domestic income comes from tourism and the free market economy dictates that all players within the industry should work in competition to each other. It’s therefore unlikely that a restrictive practice such as a ban on rentals would be contemplated, let alone become law.

Not only does the government rely on income from its tourism, it also relies on the taxes paid by the hundreds of thousands of property owners, both Spanish and foreign, currently obtaining legitimate income from the rental of their property, and it is unlikely to limit these valuable earnings.

However, tighter controls for renting properties may well be “on the cards”, so that such properties can meet basic health and safety standards as well as ensuring owners are paying their taxes.

Currently HomeCareontheWeb recommend that owners renting out their property install fire safety equipment and generally ensure their property is safe so that insurance companies have no reason not to compensate in the case of accidents. We also stipulate that owners must declare their rentals for tax purposes in order to meet their current obligations to the Spanish government.  In so doing our owners are deemed to be a responsible property owner and follow all the current rules.

In the event that any legislation is passed in the future relating to additional health and safety standards, or any requirement for properties to be licensed for rentals, please be assured that we will be abreast of such developments and will already have in place the help and assistance our owners will need in order to comply.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry. These are, after all, just rumours and speculation. And if anything happens that needs your attention, we will let you know.


Make Extra Income From Your Spanish Property

This year, has seen a surge in home owners wishing to make some extra cash from renting out their properties in Spain.

Being a landlord comes with many benefits and doesn’t have to be any stress or hard work at all with the right property management company. So it’s no surprise given this economic climate that owners have turned to their properties as a way of making more income.

Good news is that there is still a big demand for properties in Spain. The self catering option is increasingly attractive to all types of holiday makers and many people are choosing long term rentals as they are not in a position to purchase. In fact from January to the end of August 2012, over 2200 weeks of holiday rentals were booked with HomeCareontheWeb’s properties. That is a lot of happy home owners and holiday makers!

If you want to know more about renting out your Spanish property visit our website or call us on 952 83 95 95

HomeCareontheWeb arrives in Estepona!

Please join us in celebrating the opening of HomeCareontheWeb’s Estepona branch..

Come and meet the team and enjoy some refreshments.

We look forward to meeting you on June 6th from 5pm to 7.30pm.


Conjunto Residencial María Luisa Gardens

Edificio Vistamar Bloque III, local 20

Avenida Litoral



(400 meters from Carrefour Supermarket)

‘Taking care of all your property and rental  needs’

Home owners see rise in requests for holiday homes on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol remains a favourite holiday destination for thousands of people every year and many savvy holiday makers have realised the benefits of renting a holiday home compared to booking into a hotel. Groups, families and even couples can enjoy better value for money, more independence and more privacy by renting their own accommodation, so it is no surprise that the demand for self catering properties on the Costa del Sol has increased every year since 2010.

A few years ago many people may have associated holiday rental homes as a luxury and that hotel package holidays were usually the best value option. However, it seems thousands are catching onto the fact that they can now rent stunning holiday homes in Southern Spain at very affordable prices.

The figures below show the increase in holiday rental bookings with our sister company HolidayRentalontheWeb over the last three years.

  • 2010 showed an increase of 243 holiday rentals
  • 2011 showed an increase of more than 600 holiday rental bookings
  • 2012 has already shown an increase of over 1000 holiday rental bookings this year

If you own a property on the Costa del Sol and would like to earn extra income from rentals this year, you can learn more about promoting your property for free with Novasol and HomeCareontheWeb. For more information, call us on +34 952 839 595.


The benefits of short term rental properties


The Costa del Sol sees thousands of holiday makers every year come to relax, soak up the sun and enjoy the laidback lifestyle, so it’s no surprise that many Spanish home owners have been taking advantage of this. Every year the demand for self catering holiday homes on the Costa del Sol increases and hundreds of savvy homeowners are reaping the rewards of becoming landlords. Here are some of the main benefits of renting out your Spanish property short term:

  • Extra rental income can help pay the mortgage, community fees and maintenance each year
  • Holiday rental bookings allow you to charge substantially more per week than long term bookings
  • You are still able to use your property when you want to so you can accept bookings to fit around your own holidays to the property
  • You do not need a licence to rent out your property short term in Andalucía
  • Extra income can be made quickly and easily without the owner even being in the country
  • Your property will be visited regularly which is great for security purposes
  • Free holidays for you and the family as your costs could easily be covered by your holiday rental bookings each year
  • You can charge more money for your property in peak seasons

If you are thinking about renting your property out for holiday rentals this year but don’t know where to start, you can read our some of our previous articles about the costs of renting your property out, tips to increase rental bookings and how to get started.  HomeCareontheWeb have an exclusive partnership with Novasol, Europe’s number one holiday rental supplier and can answer any of your questions about renting out your Spanish property.  Register your property FREE with Novasol today or visit our website for more information.




Costa del Sol will be a place of refuge for hundreds of Brits during Olympic Games

There have been several reports lately on how thousands of Brits are planning to flee the UK while the Olympic Games take place. According to the reports, 21% of British people said they are making plans to be somewhere else during the weeks of the main events.

With London being extremely busy during the Olympic Games, even with heightened security it may not particularly bring a relaxed atmosphere to those who live there and the Costa del Sol is an appealing choice for thousands who want to get away from it all. After all they can still watch the Games from sunny Spain if they want to!

Self catering holiday homes on the Costa del Sol are becoming ever more popular with families, groups and couples looking for more independence from their holidays. Simple things like being able to stock up the fridge with their favourite food and drinks or making meals at home can mean a world of difference to some holiday makers who want their home comforts. So if you want to earn extra rental income on your Spanish property while the Olympic Games are on, now is a great time to really promote to the UK market.

Call us on +34 952-839-595 or email for more information.

Key Holding Services Costa del Sol

KeysIf you have decided to rent out your Spanish property to earn some extra income, you will want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible with your tenants at change over times and arrivals. Professional key holding is a very handy and affordable service that ensures your keys will be in safe hands at all times. When your tenants arrive, we can deliver the keys for you, and even turn the heating on and check everything is ok inside if you need. When your tenants leave we can collect the keys and keep them safe until you need them again. Continue reading “Key Holding Services Costa del Sol”

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