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bigstock-Pool-Cleaner-5348730As holiday rental and Costa del Sol property management specialists, we get the biggest demand for villas with private pools, or apartments with communal gardens and good pools. Diving into a cool swimming pool in the hot Spanish weather is one of the things that many guests dream about and so it’s definitely a selling point.

However, it is crucial that swimming pools are clean, well-maintained and of course safe to use, so we wanted to give you a few tips for looking after them and your guests.

  1. Make sure they are safe and legal

Spanish law requires that communal pools for more than 20 properties are fenced off and for large urbanisations that the pool has a lifeguard. This has caused considerable issues for those on communities and there has been some opposition to it. However, it’s important to remember the reason for the regulations which is a high incidence of drownings amongst young children wandering out unnoticed and falling in. If your community hasn’t got their pool fenced off, we suggest you bring it up with your President, as there are hefty fines for not complying. This is a hugely important issue to consider in a private property as well, especially when you rent it out, and so we advise you to fence in the pool to protect yourself against the repercussions from accidents and of course keep guests safe. Fencing off your pool will make it easier to rent for families who are the most important holiday rental market, so it will be a benefit to you.

  1. Keep Pools Clean

Make sure that your pool has the correct dosing of chemicals such as chlorine to keep water clean and safe to be used. There are some great “green” alternatives to the traditional pool chemicals which do not smell or cause damage to clothes and hair, plus save you money. Check out ozone, UV and pool purifiers online, or speak to a swimming pool specialist to ask about the options.

We recommend that you have someone to clean the pool once a week, check the chemicals, give it a clean and make sure that everything is OK. Leave out a swimming pool net in an easy to access place so guests can clean it themselves during their stay as well, there’s nothing more unpleasant than flies, leaves and debris in there without being able to deal with it.

  1. Care for your pool during the winter

It’s not just about the summer, leaving a pool alone for months on end can give you a costly and difficult problem to deal with when you return, so it’s better to keep it regularly maintained and checked to avoid problems developing.

Our property maintenance service includes pool cleaning and maintenance with trustworthy workmen and we can help you to get holiday rentals and manage them during their stay. Please contact us for more information – + 34 952 83 95 95 or email

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