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Following heavy rains in May, and the stunning June sunshine, everything is blooming on the Costa del Sol just in time for the arrival of the tourists.

For the hordes of holiday makers, the al fresco lifestyle on the Costa del Sol is one of the big draws of holidaying here. This means your outside space is a huge asset if you’re renting out your property as a holiday rental. The most popular category of accommodation we provide is villas with pools and a large and pretty garden is highly sought after. It’s particularly popular to have fruit trees where people can go and pick oranges, lemons and limes off their own tree, as it feels like they are really living the Mediterranean dream.

However, you need to make sure that those gardens and pools are cared for, as your guests don’t want to be watering and weeding, they just want everything to look its best. We have a team of trusted property maintenance experts, gardeners and pool cleaners who can take care of everything for you and your guests.

We have also been providing information to help you to best manage your pool and garden over the years via this blog, so we wanted to share some tips and tricks to help you create a stunning garden, and show you where some of our best resources are kept.

Making the most of your Spanish garden – The trick with keeping a beautiful, healthy garden, even when you’re not there, is to plan properly, plant well and make sure you have a good irrigation system in place. We’d advise that you choose local plant species which are drought tolerant so you don’t have to water too often. Also think about what are the best options if you need a low maintenance garden, for example using white stones rather than grass for a modern look which keeps away weeds and doesn’t need looking after. We have some more great tips for creating and maintaining a Spanish garden here.

Caring for fruit trees – As I mentioned before, fruit trees are a wonderful asset for any garden on the Costa del Sol, as they provide shade, look and smell great and of course supply you and your guests with delicious, ripe fruit. Here are our tips for orange trees; they need to be planted in spring, in a sunny spot with good drainage and it should be watered at least once a week particularly in the heat of the summer. Find out more about looking after orange trees

Caring for pools – You have three main things to focus on with your pool. The first is to make sure they are safe and legal and you’re complying with any local legislation that you need to follow. Secondly, you need to keep them clean and inviting for your guests by using the right dosing of chemicals and having someone to clean the pool once a week to make sure everything is OK. Finally, you need to have a strategy for looking after the pool over the winter, so that it is in the best shape for when the summer rolls around again. Read more about caring for pools in Spain

Remember we’re here to help you to care for your Costa del Sol property inside and out by providing top quality property management and property maintenance services. We are rental experts as well, so we can help you to get more rental bookings and generate a great income off that property too. Please speak to us if you need property management or rental management advice for your Costa del Sol property.

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