Britons flock to Spain for holidays

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Britons flock to Spain for holidays

There were fears that Brexit and a weak pound would stop the flow of British tourists into Spain this summer, but in fact The Guardian reported a huge increase in British tourism to Spain, up 11% in July from 2015. The Costa del Sol is one of the regions to see the biggest increase in tourism, after Barcelona and the Balearics, and further increases are expected here due to continued instability elsewhere. There has been such high demand for the Balearics, that Mallorca says it’s full and there are fears on how this is effecting the island. This should drive even more visitors to the resorts on the Costa del Sol, which are better able to cope with large tourist numbers.

11.3 million passengers flew into Malaga airport between January and August, a rise of 1.5 million. The peak season is running much longer this year and demand is high everywhere. Spanish hotel federations in the main resorts are reporting that occupancy in September reached 100%, and that trading for October is at new highs. This is great news for owners of Spanish property looking to rent out their properties short term, as people who can’t get into a hotel start to look for alternatives, and the season is extended by another two months.

At HomeCareontheWeb, it’s been an amazing year for rentals. In the past 9 months, our sister company HolidayRentalontheWeb has greeted 2,362 holiday arrivals, that’s at least 3,840 cleans and over 10,000 guests! A 32% increase from 2015. In previous years, the office was closed at the weekend from the end of August, but this year we will be open all through October on Saturdays to accommodate the continued flow of arrivals.

How was your rental year? If you rent out your property and feel that you should have done better, think carefully about how you can improve things for next year.

If you want to capitalise on this increased demand for next year’s peak season, you should register your property for short term rentals, get great photography and be ready to market it from January onwards. We believe that the lack of availability this year and high demand will lead people to book earlier, so it’s important that you are ready as soon as possible, we are already getting bookings for next summer, so to maximise rental income you should get moving quickly.

One of your first steps will be to sign up to a property management company who can take care of everything for you. Not all property management firms are equal, so make your decision based on the following criteria.

  • Check what level of support they can offer you – how many customer service people do they have, how many cleaners and maintenance staff for example, so you know you will be well looked after.
  • Look at how easy it will be for you to keep an eye on everything, e.g. is there an online system where you can log issues and view reports and images of your property when and where it is convenient to you or will they issue regular reports via email.
  • Consider their marketing power for promoting your property. You need to be able to trust that they can reach tourists in the UK and further afield, as well as being able to prepare the property and look after guests when they get here.

HomeCareontheWeb has over a decade of experience in property management, maintenance and rentals on the Costa del Sol, a big team of skilled employees and a powerful marketing reach online and offline. We really offer the full package and can take care of everything for you. Contact us and find out how we can help you capitalise on all of this amazing tourism and turn it into rental income!

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