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traficoIf you own a home in Spain and will be visiting this summer, or are renting out your property and want to keep your tenants informed, you need to be aware of a raft of changes that have been brought into place which will affect you as a motorist, passenger or even a cyclist.

Parents need to be aware of a few very important new laws –

  1. Cyclists under 16 must wear helmets in urban areas and parents not making their children wear helmets can be fined 200€
  2. Children under 1.35 meters tall are not allowed to ride in the front passenger seat and this also applies in taxis. The only allowances to this law are 2 seater cars, or if other children under the height limit are taking up all the back seats.

These laws also clamp down further on driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, increasing fines and also making it easier to penalise for driving under the influence of drugs, even if they can’t prove that it effects your driving. Even pedestrians may now have to take a drug and alcohol test if they violate a traffic regulation.

For foreign residents driving foreign cars in Spain, they must now register their vehicles and the terms will be clarified in due course and we will update you when we hear more.  Beware as well that you are not supposed to use speed camera detectors and should turn them off even on your GPS. If you’re caught using them you are liable to a fine of 200€ and three points.

To aid in payment, there is now an extension on the time that you have to pay fines and be eligible for a 50% early payment discount from 15 to 20 days.

The Resident newspaper has got a great list of the 20 most important rules clearly explained in English which you can read here – and we have other information about driving in Spain for you here –

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