Authorities join forces to clean up Malaga’s Coastline

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Picture courtesy of Sur in English
Picture courtesy of Sur in English

This summer the regional government, Malaga council and the communities of municipalities of La Axarquía and the western Costa del Sol have joined forces to make sure the sea is cleaner along the coastline of the Malaga province. The beaches are a key draw for the tourists and residents, so it’s vital for these investments to be made. The councillor for Beaches, Teresa Porras, says the results are very positive and there is less scum on the water this summer.

There have been 25 boats patrolling the seas which are known as “scum cleaners”. These specially designed boats have baskets with fine mesh to pick up the scum which lies on the water. They can each store up to five cubic metres of solid residue, collect hydrocarbons and oxygenate the water, making the seas much better for swimmers and fishes alike.

The new agreement between the authorities means that the boats have been distributed according to the needs of each district, rather than limiting them to the larger areas that could afford to pay for their services. For example, Axarquía has been allocated eleven boats this year, twice as many as last year and these reinforcements have achieved a significant reduction in the number of complaints about the quality of the sea water. This is something which all owners of property in Spain will be happy to hear!

Story courtesy of the Sur in English, click here to read the full story.

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