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Costa del Sol Golf AccommodationGolf is the name of the game this season on the Costa del Sol. The temperature is perfect to enjoy the fairways during the day, and although the evenings are cooler, you can still enjoy a stroll around the towns and along the seafront and even dine al fresco in pretty squares.

For all these reasons, not to mention the incredible selection of golf courses located in a small area, golfers love the Costa del Sol and flock to the area for the off peak season. This makes golf tourism an excellent source of off peak rentals, especially if you want to rent your property short term, but don’t want to limit yourself to just the peak summer season. Bear in mind that the prices for rentals drop outside of the summer season, so the rental returns are not as high, but it is still an excellent way to generate income from your property and it’s good to air the property, heat it and have it used over the winter period.

So how can you appeal to the golfers if you want a slice of this tourism? Firstly, it’s important to be well-located and properties right on the fairways are obviously desirable. If you do have a golf property, you can be part of our fairway collection and we can help you market to this type of holiday maker online and also via our partnership with holiday rental giant Novasol.

However, don’t worry if you’re not on the golf course, this doesn’t mean your property is out of the running. If you’re located in an area with plenty of golf courses easily accessible and a good nightlife then that will also be popular. Although the golf is the main reason for the trip, golfers love to eat, drink and party too, so a location within walking distance of bars and restaurants will also be popular.

Villas with 4 bedrooms or more are usually the best choice, or apartments in blocks with other rental apartments also available, as the group normally wants to be able to stay together. Villas which have well divided living spaces, or separate annexes are also very popular so they are not all living on top of each other.

If you want to appeal to this market, think carefully about your property description and remember to detail the nearby courses, how far away they are and how easy they are to get to. This will help golfers imagine how your property is the perfect place for them to hit multiple courses and have the best holiday. Think about how your property would suit groups, particularly men, and describe that clearly. Also say if they can walk to any bars or restaurants and what they are, as this will also be a deciding factor. Every little helps, so perhaps recommend a nearby car hire place, or minibus company to help them get around, or link to low cost green fee websites to show that you understand their needs.

If you want to rent your property out long term or short term to holiday makers from the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe we can help. Not only do we have a website with plenty of traffic, but we also feature our properties in the websites and brochures of our partners Novasol in many languages, for maximum exposure.

We can also take care of every part of the rental process, holiday makers can browse and book properties securely on our sister website HolidayRentalontheWeb, we can handle any queries they may have on your behalf and then prepare the property. When guests arrive we can arrange key pick up day or night and deal with any issues they may have during the stay. We will also do a pre-departure inspection to check whether there has been any damage done and handle returning the deposit or retaining some if required.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you want to explore this option without the stress – we’re here to help!

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