A Very Happy Easter on the Costa del Sol

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easter_malagaIf you are already renting out your Costa del Sol property, you should have experienced the benefits of the record Easter Week we’ve just experienced and be ready for another great summer generating income out of your property. If you haven’t yet taken the leap into renting your property, it’s a great time to get started and if this years Easter Week is anything to go on it will be a fantastic summer.

Reports from business owners, hotels and owners of rental companies were the same – this Easter saw not only more people, but also people who spent more and stayed longer. The newspaper SUR revealed that hotels in Malaga were 90% full from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, way up on last year. In Vélez-Málaga tourist apartments registered an occupancy level of 87% per cent, while campsites were around 71.5% full. Holiday Rental properties showed the same trend says Tony Sidebottom from HomeCareontheWeb, “This Easter we saw a 24% increase in visitors and we also saw an increase in demand for longer holiday breaks with more people staying longer than we have in past years.”

This is said to have been Marbella’s best Easter for the past seven years, according to the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who says that the average occupancy level was 90 per cent, which is not only 20 per cent higher than at the same time last year but has also broken the trend of recent years and the shops, bars and restaurants all reported excellent takings over the period and a wonderful atmosphere.

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